Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Action Marketing Minimize

Focused ActionAction Marketing™ establishes clear communications between sales and marketing through a discovery process, outlined in Action First, that helps both teams realize a greater potential. As we examine your business, you will discover areas in which taking action is the only way to uncover your organization’s true possibilities.

At the root of an Action Marketing Matrix are the simple definitions we all know. We define in your words your sales process. We also define in your words your marketing process. We future align these two to remove naturally occurring ambiguity and create synergy that never existed before by mapping existing sales efforts and processes to your marketing efforts and processes. From here, Action Marketing overlays your product(s) and their unique features(s) and lastly matches up the customers’ buying process.

Action Marketing helps create a matrix that clearly shows gaps and synergies to minimize areas of confusion and second-guessing. The gray area is ultimately defined in simple sections that each team can understand and utilize in their existing process. 


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